• Kaleem Maxwell

    I was introduced to Shannon by a fellow media colleague in the fitness industry and was a pleasure chatting and networking with her. Her stature and status as one of the best well known fitness personalities in the business does not hamper her ability to reach out and approach people in the smaller grass-roots fitness communities in Ontario. Being very approachable and having a positive attitude towards fitness and bodybuilding competitors of all levels, she is a great role-model for aspiring fitness and media professionals.

    Kaleem Maxwell
    Digital Media Professional
  • Cari M.

    it’s been a joy to connect with Shannon! She is radiant, driven, confident, and dependable. I would recommend working with her in any capacity. She would be an definite asset to any corporation, production, or magazine and I’m certain that any product she chooses to support would be greatly successful. This woman shines from the inside-out! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with her.

    Cari M.
    Talk Radio Host of "THE CARI MURPHY SHOW: STRAIGHT TALK FOR THE SOUL | Speaker | SOUL Success Coach | BestSelling Author
  • Christine Reio

    I have known Shannon for approximately 5 years. During that time, I have always been impressed with her professionalism and drive. She has a lot of admirable qualities that make her one of the most dynamic women that I know. She is a strong, intelligent woman, with an incredible amount of focus and passion. I would recommend Shannon to anyone, and feel privledged to have her in my network.

    Christine Reio
    Senior Manager, Business Practices at Oracle Corporation
  • Saul Nir

    I directed over 22 one hour DVDs on different learning topics. I worked with Shannon on one of them a fitness DVD, she was so good that I called her back to be the host of a line of six green environmental DVDs. There were several reasons I chose her as the host from all the others. The obvious is that Shannon looks amazing on camera, but it goes way beyond this. I used to nick name her ‘one take Shannon’ because she has such a smooth, natural delivery that usually after the first take we were happy. Shannon was also such a pleasure to work with, professional, hard working and never complained. We did some shoots outside and had weather and equipment issues and Shannons’ attitude was always to focus on getting the shoot done. I think her army background and top fitness work make her someone that make sure that whoever hires her gets the top results, I highly recommend her and will hire her again on future projects.
    It is now August 2012 and still doing great projects with Shannon, she continues to be my number one pick for on camera talent.

    Saul Nir
    Co-Owner at Artik
  • Vandana Puranik

    Shannon is a professional, dedicated, and focused individual with a constant desire to learn and experience all that is available to her in order to make her better at what she may endeavor. She is a good-hearted soul and conducts herself with utmost integrity and energy. She will bring her best to any situation and those around will be pleased to have her on their team!

    Vandana Puranik
    Founder, Active Ingredients Inc. - Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, Digital & Social Media
  • Michael Hugh

    Shannon is a remarkable woman who has triumphed in the face of adversity over an extended and challenging period of economic activity

    A dedicated mother, business lady and human being, she has demonstrated the tenacity and capability to strive for success on multiple fronts. With a determination that inspires lesser mortal like me, I have observed a young woman surge forward from the Canadian Armed Forces, through motherhood and an ascending career path in her chosen field.

    Dependable, consistent, inspirational, and with a style that is uniquely hers, Shannon will succeed in any future endeavors with the integrity and determination for which she is well known.

    Michael Hugh
    Experienced Financial Services, Technology Leader and Business Developer
  • David Graham

    Shannon is the perfect combination of energy and wit. She “owns” the room and can provide additional credibility to any Corporations brand imaging.

    She is the great addition for your brand introduction and spokesperson to increase exposure and impressions.

    David Graham
    Manager Digital Business Development at PATTISON Outdoor / PATTISON Onestop
  • Lawrie Yakabuski

    Shannon has co-hosted “Autoshow TV” for my company the last 2 years. Shannon’s work on this high energy, fast paced production has been nothing short of exceptional. She is professional, punctual, personable and more than presentable. A real pleasure to work with.
    Lawrie Yakabuski, President, Special Events Television

    Lawrie Yakabuski
    U.S. Local Avails Sales at CN Media Sales/Capital Networks Limited & President of Special Events Television
  • Richard Salgado

    Shannon is an amazing person both on and off the field as i would say.
    She has worked some red carpet events for me,she brings positive,serious but fun energy into any room she’s in.I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a spokesperson or tv personalitity, give her a call

    Richard Salgado
    Owner, Coastal Advisors, LLC
  • Vince Pe

    Easily one of the hardest working on-air personalities out there! I’m not sure how she manages all of her projects but she does so with grace, poise and a professionalism second to none.

    I’m looking forward to seeing her compete on stage this September at the WBFF show where she is sure to make a huge splash!

    Vince Pe
    Investment Fund Advisor/Life and Health Insurance Advisor
  • Jason Slone

    Shannon is an over achiever with rare comprehension for anything she is a part of. I like to call it street smart. Genuine, caring and passionate for life.
    I will always consider Shannon a leader!

    Jason Slone
    A highly experienced Operations Sales and Marketing Executive Officer
  • Linda Lundstrom

    Shannon Leroux is a memorable woman in every way. Our first encounter was at the Ford Modelling Agency, where I was on the search for a model who could represent real women for an upcoming photography session. After explaining that I did not want the super thin model types on their roster, Shannon came bounding into the agency and I said “I want her”. The resulting photos were beautiful. Although not billed as a fashion model, her lifestyle of health and fitness, made Shannon a perfect choice especially since the collection included swimwear. She was a delight to work with………again, memorable.
    Shannon also did some runway modelling for national sales meetings. She has the ability to relate to people and express her personality in a way that we found delightful.
    On another occasion, Shannon interviewed me for a video production for the Ontario Fashion Exhibitors. Her warmth and charm put me at ease and I was impressed by her preparation and professionalism.
    Shannon is one-of-a-kind………and I will always remember her.

    Linda Lundstrom
    Fashion Designer and Professional Speaker
  • Olivier Colombo

    Shannon, is an amazing person that I have known for more than 3 years. Shannon is like a chameleon. She can be an actress in the morning, use her sensual voice to do commercials at noon, work hard in the gym to sculpt her body so that she can compete in fitness figure competitions in the afternoon, while still spend a lot of time with her two children. Shannon is one of the most intelligent person I have ever met who is not afraid of setting very high goals. Never have I seen her abandon any project because they were too difficult for her to obtain. Her motivation will help her achieve the most incredible results as she does believe in her potential. I would highly recommend Shannon to any kind of media companies, looking for a reliable and hard working person

    Olivier Colombo
    Private Investor & Corporate Advisor for US Companies looking to have access to Swiss Investors


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